Snoweria Zhang


Hi! My name is Snoweria. I am an architect + technologist who enjoys mathematics, earrings, and tea.

I'm based in New York currently but have lived and worked in many cities around the world. As a result, I am a teensy culturally confused. In 2017, my proposal to hybridize a waste-to-energy plant with a mosque was awarded an Architizer A+ Jury Award. Most recently, my design work was featured on the cover of Nature.

I currently work on Delve@Google with some really talented people. Previouly, I spent most of my time thinking about future cities and urban design at the Senseable City Lab at MIT and KPF . I am also an Ajunct Assistant Professor at Columbia GSAPP, and I received my architecture and math education from Harvard University.

Here's my Google Scholars page, in case you really want to know what I think of technology and cities.



Architect, artist, mathematician.